Wednesday, August 4, 2010

And goes another couple of days and i find myself without content to blog about but forcefully start typing hopelessly. but on days when i had ideas that could have been potential blogging materials back when i was absent from my blog had been laid to waste in the back of my head. as if chances had been snap away by crippled goals through lack of self motivation. but my goal now is to keep the ball rolling so no more injustice shall be done to good workable content.

I had the idea for a series of post with the subject using a single word and define it myself to show that there are different understanding or deeper meaning to a single word that makes it personal to anyone. and by so helps me express my personality or the kind of idealist i am .to show how a word might mean differently to another individual. A single word can have a different meaning through time in a persons life. so no matter how you judge me in my view of a word it will never hold it's character or personal definition. it will take some deep alone time kind of thinking and a few jots on notes for me to get started but it won't take long to render.but hey at list i'm working on some personal intellectual content for my blog . all that daydreaming thoughts have to go somewhere so why not write it down to remind myself of these self discoveries.

Saturday, July 31, 2010


Hi , welcome back.

your last entry was more than 6 months ago.

please insert more post or this blog will officially be dead and unrevivable.

Thats what they should have told me when i logged in to find a ruin of whats is known of/as a blog.

guess i'm back in the blogging train and ready to add some coal in this mother engine to get it rolling.

one more thing i change around here is played with the new blogger design editor.

about me, currently how are things looking.

this is my senior year in college

i'm doing borderline 'ok' as far as grades go

just got a little meatier, alittle gut coming out, not exactly chubby but could lose a pound

my good friend, i mean really good friend Joe is leaving for the land of the free...oil on the sea. neh just messing with Americans.

and the biggest news of all, i ain't single no more baby :(..... I MEAN :D yes la!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dreams of travel

People always ask people about their Goal in life,
some have their goal set far and some like me have it close.

but i would want to be different now, i want something i can look forward too in the next 1-2 years

i had this in mind for along time, a journey. pacifically a backpacker's journey.

i would like to go places where i can see origin and culture form by time and people.

places i thought of recently were places like my ancestry hometown in china, or places in Europe which is a backpackers ideal spot anyway. or maybe alittle more risky like Israel and Palestine .
i recently watch Globe tracker which was ones Lonely Planet which i still like to call the documentary travel show, a wall dividing the Palestinians from the Israelis, something familiar like the Berlin wall. Laureen a good friend of mine brought this up with a post of an article, showing displeasing feelings against such acts by there government . how would u feel to be divided between KL and PJ by a huge long line of concrete slabs, It can't be comfortable for sure. thing like this should even exist in the modern world, as much as differences of ideals between nations and government to break people away form their home.

To start planing for those travels i gotta need a plan. Money , info , health. i must come up with a list of things to look out for.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


i guess there is a time to be Emo.

i never thought things like this can effect me so much.

it's not the strength in spirit or soul

it's just lost, something that change where you wouldn't except.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

So waisted

nothing fresh

nothing intriguing

I'm just gonna have to make do with some thoughts

i wonder why is everything , motion, actions, thoughts, so slow so grey.

is like there isn't enough sunshine in my face to wake me up in the morning

waking up at the wrong side of the floor maybe

even the weather plays tricks with the critters

maybe this year isn't the year for me

this is just another meaningless years like i had before

i hate being me right now, so dull not edgy and thought just leaves me like the waste of skin and hair

if i could do something different and i hope i always do things that way

is to value time and its tranquility

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lantern night

I like Chinese festivals, i do.

The family gathering , the food, the cousins and doing some illegal stuff once in a while.

but things do get less interesting when you grow up, it seems to get worst every year, but i think the smaller children will still enjoy them more then me.

my aunt toke out a box of old stuff left behind from decades of lantern/Chinese festivals and i found my old lanterns i use to run around with when i was a kid, and is really cheesy too, a Batman lantern in a flying position, i call it now SuperBatman a design so awkward only Chinese lantern designer could sell. At least it's more cooler than a Ben 10 lantern haha.

I had fun trying to line up the candles on card boxes, me and my young cousin sister made a Heart shape and " I LOV U" letter, it's a little childish but what else can i do in front of the kids.
we also enjoy playing the"POPS" but my bro had a better idea long time ago and burn a whole bag of them "POPS" so it makes lots of sound faster.

Moon cakes has become an issue for me, they seem to evolve every season , it started with different paste like green tea and coffee or coconut flavor. then made them to ice-creams, then mini moon cakes then etc. i tried Starbucks version, really it was good but there like 15bucks a piece. Durian was unbearable . and jelly was, well i never liked jelly so i won't make this harsh.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday Thrusday

This is an unusual day

Hawaii and Indonesia having large earth quake at the same day...maybe..

good chance to blog it up,

God im bored.